Interim Management

Our bespoke coordinating service guides companies looking to enter the recreational real estate, shared ownership, and private residence club segments. Working independently or with our global team of experts, our approach is truly multidisciplinary.

We impart knowledge on:

  • Concepts and business models
  • Foundation materials and business plans
  • Vendor introductions, advice and performance monitoring, in certain market
  • Design
  • Legal structuring, product structures, compliance and supporting documentation
  • Marketing and sales expertise
  • Management and operations
  • Product Design

Keenly aware that there is no single template for a project, we take a tailored, localized approach to positioning, branding, sales pace, pricing strategy, marketing and distribution channels.

After each successful feasibility study, we provide a comprehensive range of services, comprising:

  • Matching product type to property
  • Seasonality implications on size of interest
  • Recommended unit sizes, configurations, inventory mix and project phasing
  • Critique of site plans, unit floor plans, proposed amenities and support areas
  • Advice on dedicated owner facilities such as clubhouse and storage
  • Identification of additional owner benefits and privileges
  • Support on amenity strategy development and suggested service overlay
  • Shared ownership product design
  • Usage plan design and related reservation rules
  • Underlying legal structure on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis
  • Assistance drafting all the supporting agreements and legal documentation
  • Recommendations on industry technology solutions
Case Studies
Royal Savoy Madeira
The Carrick, Loch Lomond